Karty-party are helping raise money for the sick children's trust

The Sick Children's Trust believes every family with a seriously ill child in hospital should be able to stay together, just minutes from their child’s bed during their treatment.
That's the future we're working towards. With your help.

The Sick Children's Trust believes keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of seriously ill children. We provide free, high-quality ‘Home from Home’ accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support, to families with sick children in hospital in the UK. 

The Sick Children’s Trust was founded in 1982 by two paediatric specialists, Dr Jon Pritchard and Professor James Malpas, who believed that having parents on hand during hospital treatment benefited a child's recovery. We are the longest-serving charity providing ‘Home from Home’ accommodation in the UK.

We currently have ten houses offering clean, comfortable accommodation where the whole family can stay close to their sick child’s bedside, and we are constantly looking for opportunities to extend our geographical coverage, or to improve our existing facilities in light of changes in paediatric care provision.

On average, 2 million children in the UK require hospital treatment each year. Every day, children are diagnosed with serious and life-threatening illnesses or have terrible accidents that leave them fighting for life. They often have to be transferred to specialist hospitals far from home to receive critical medical treatment. Life for their whole family is suddenly thrown into complete turmoil.

We work with the hospitals, supporting them in their role and providing complementary support to our families. We relieve some of the emotional and financial strains at a very stressful time, providing an essential service free of charge for up to 146 families every night, 365 days a year.

Whilst staying at one of our ‘Homes from Home’ is free of charge, it costs us £30 to support a family for one night. We rely entirely on voluntary income to meet this cost.

The Sick Children’s Trust Ethical Policy

We’re here, so you can be there. 

Karty-Party and The Sick Children's Trust

Karty-Party Director Gavin holds The Sick Children's Trust very close to his heart, after the charity helped him to be there for this sick daughter. Gavin said, " During the traumatic time that my daughter was in intensive care at Great Ormond Street hospital, The Sick Children's Trust gave my wife and I a room so that we could both be there for Harriet. The house was in Guildford Street just around the corner and was a bit like a home from home. Being just round the corner, this allowed us to be able be at our daughters side within minutes if needed. I dont know what we would of done without this charity" Since then Gavin and his Wife have held numerous fund raising events, including the charities very own "The big Chocolate Tea Party", along with Gavin completing one of the toughest physical challenges he has ever faced, by raising nearly £1,000.00 competing in "The Tough Mudder". Tough Mudder is a 20 kilometre obstacle course that is both very physically and mentally tiring. Please see some photos below of before and during the 2016 event.

Gavin Just Before The Start

A Few Kilometres In


Good Camaraderie Here


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If you would like to donate to this outstanding charity, or you would like to be part of a fundraising event to raise some much needed cash for The Sick Children's Trust in London, please click on the donate button below, or contact us here at Karty-Party for more information.