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Party Packages

Happy Birthday!!!

Children’s party entertainers, Karty-Party would love to help celebrate your childs birthday party. As long as there is a party or gathering of some kind we will entertain, be it birthday parties, weddings or any other event.


For you all to enjoy our karty-party event, we will only need enough space for an inflatable safety perimeter; the track takes the size of about 1 1/2 - 2 badminton courts next to each other (14m x 9.5m). Remember, Panther Go-Karts are for indoor or outdoor operation on any flat surface, tarmac or grass. Wide pneumatic tyres give go-karts sure-footed handling. The go-karts have very little impact on even the best kept lawns and will not damage polished floors! Full safety instructions are always given with speed being easily controlled between 1-6mph. Panther Go-Karts run on batteries so there are no emissions and virtually no noise. Furthermore all our Karts come with a safety cut out controlled by the staff on the day.

Karty-Party cover the entire south-east of England, but will venture further afield with enough notice. We are fully insured and take the health and safety of our little clients very seriously.

Why kids love us!!

For most of the children, this will be their first time having total control of a moving vehicle. Not only will it be super exciting but will also boost their confidence and give them a sense of achievement.

We love making a special fuss of the birthday boys or girls; providing a fun filled atmosphere packed full of excitement. All our parties are structured according to age, and will involve lots of teamwork. Whether they are on the track driving or on the side-lines cheering, they are always kept entertained.

Girls and boys of all ages love our parties but we aim them specifically for children aged 4 to 10 years. As long as they can fit into them, they can have a drive!

What does a Karty-Party event Cost?

The cost of a children’s party varies and depends on a number of factors:

1) The length of the party. You can choose from one 1.5 hours upwards in ½ hour increments. 

2) The number of children. There should be a minimum of 8 children and usually, we recommend a maximum of twenty. For larger groups, it may be necessary to increase the duration of the party or add one of our other services to your event.

Party packages start at £250.00, but are all bespoke, to ensure the most and cost-effective and party for you and your child. Please call us on 0800 061 4281 or email on You can also enquire via our contacts page.

What’s Included

• 4 powered Panther-Karts for children aged 4 – 10 years

• Inflatable Safety Karting Circuit (approx. 14m x 9m)

• 2 Party Hosts to brief the children and make sure the event runs smoothly

• Trophy for the Birthday Child

• Karty-Party Qualified Driver Medals For Each Child

It’s worth remembering that you can always add to any package for a small price to tailor it to your own needs, for example; Personalised invitations or party bags for all the party goers. 

Click Party Cost for an example for a party of 16 children

Party Checklist


To take the hassle away from you, Karty-Party can supply all of the below checklist for your child's birthday, however we are more than happy for you to provide if you would prefer.

Party Ware:


Cutlery (spoons, forks, & knives)







Party Blowers

Party Hats





Kids Sandwiches & Crisps

Ice Cream



Cake Candles & Matches

Cake Platter & Serving Knife

Serving Dishes/Bowls


Thank You Notes